Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Heroes season 1 episode 1

Haven't written anything boring in a while. It's about time.

I just watched the first episode of Heroes. I had been reluctant to watch it because I feel the state of american TV shows is such a mess in general. Mostly because of Lost. The formula is simple: make a successful pilot, then make a whole season where you keep on promising that the next show is going to be the most interesting show ever. Then if you managed to keep the viewers' interest this long you'll get to make another reason. Now repeat this until viewers get tired so you have to come up with some really lame way to end it. I think that's why I prefer the TV shows that are more like soap operas in disguise, like Oz, Sopranos or Shield.

Anyway, I already feel like Heroes might be a bit over-rated. It has colorful "foreign people", and lots of seemingly forced drama (like Lost) and it pretends that there's some great overlying story that's gonna tie it all together. It's obviously a character-based show. I don't mind a show with strong characters. But if that's all it's got it's not quite enough. I want nice attention to detail or "smart writing". In this case the producers had somehow managed to let a Korean guy play a Japanese and his Japanese was a bit crap. I found some discussion on imdb about where other people were annoyed by it as well and some other morons were annoyed at the people who were annoyed. They were missing the point. The people who complained were not trying to put him down for not being able to learn perfect Japanese. If it was him learning Japanese in his free time and not being able to master it perfectly it wouldn't matter. But now he's playing a Japanese guy on a huge TV show. It's like if they had put a guy with a french accent to play a german. People would be laughing their asses off.

Well this was a more than long enough whine.
Good night everyone!