Sunday, February 24, 2008

Greetingz from Stockholm

I am sitting in my friends' kitchen right now and writing a crappy blog post on my super cool Asus EEE PC. We have just had a wonderful lunch made by K. It was a kind of noodle shrimp vegetable stirfry. Yesterday we walked around in a lot of shops until our feet hurt. I bought a new sleevelss "wifebeater" (not really a wifebeater, they have those gross little fishnet holes in them so the upper body almost looks naked when wearing one). It was yellow, it will match my yellow sandbag boxing gloves perfectly. The clerk also told me that yellow was a good color and more guys should wear yellow. Apparently yellow is one of this spring's colors along with purple and tourqoise. Last night we also watched the latest episodes of lame Lost and gosuuu Trumppi. Trace Adkins was being useful as usual.

We are soon going to take a walk to some station somewhere and then go to a ramen restaurant. I haven't eaten ramen in a looooong time. I hope it's good.