Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I re-discovered one of my old arcade favorites Splatterhouse when looking through the game roms we had on our old computer. They had this game at Vasa's good old theme park Wasalandia and I must have been around 10 years old when I saw this game the first time. I was completely awed by the level and monster designs. I also remember when I was watching some older "juvenile delinquents" or something playing it and they got to the level where you're fighting a bunch of poltergeist chairs. I must have been really impressed by that because I said in swedish something like "Whoa, chairs". I remember the big guys made fun of me or something so I felt a bit embarrassed and scared. But that's the power Splatterhouse has on a little kid like I was back then. These days, I can beat this game pretty easily myself but I am always reminded of my stupid "Whoa, chairs" line when I get to that level. Below follows a few pics of some of the coolest scenes from the first five of seven levels.

Hot meat-clever action in the first stages. The baddies always die in gory ways. You can't really see it as well as I hoped in the first pic, but I am chopping that zombie alien's head off clean.

A crazy dual chainsaw-wielding maniac!

One of my favorite boss encounters. First we find this girl lying on this couch here. I think it might be the girl you enter the Splatterhouse with in the short intro. But i am not sure, I haven't really tried to figure out the story.

But then she changes into this really cool freaky clawed monster.

This should be level 2, there's a really cool sound when you hit these gray ooze monsters with the short baseball bat-looking wooden stick. The monsters splash all over the wall in a really cool way too.

Encounter with a poltergeist. The room will shake; chairs, knives and even the painting will attack you.

This is a really gross freaky blob monster that tries to slime its way all over you.

All in all a really cool game, it's a bit on the easy side though. Not a lot of strategy required. But great graphics, monsters and music.

If you wanna see this game in action here's a two-part movie of somebody going through the game at a pretty fast pace. Unfortunately in the first stage he doesn't use the meat-clever so no decapitations there.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sega Mega Drive Twin Pad Player

Look what the postman brought me a few days ago. It's a clone of Sega's old 16-bit mega drive video game system. This one has 20 built-in games. They are all by Sega I think. I even think the thing is an official Sega product for the chinese market or something. It has some pretty nice games. You can check out the games list here: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-6z-49-en-70-2sf4.html I've only had time to play Gain Ground and Eswat a few times so far.

This is the main menu screen you are greeted by when powering up the machine. It looks kind of craptastic. The box it came in was pretty ugly as well. But who cares. The games work really well. It just seems that some pixels are stretched a bit. Not sure if it's my TV or the mega drive-clone.
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