Friday, August 1, 2008

Sega Mega Drive Twin Pad Player

Look what the postman brought me a few days ago. It's a clone of Sega's old 16-bit mega drive video game system. This one has 20 built-in games. They are all by Sega I think. I even think the thing is an official Sega product for the chinese market or something. It has some pretty nice games. You can check out the games list here: I've only had time to play Gain Ground and Eswat a few times so far.

This is the main menu screen you are greeted by when powering up the machine. It looks kind of craptastic. The box it came in was pretty ugly as well. But who cares. The games work really well. It just seems that some pixels are stretched a bit. Not sure if it's my TV or the mega drive-clone.
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Dan said...

sköne stuff!
alien storm är kung yöle. altered beast är också nice. har också spelat shinobi, men det var kanske tvåan.