Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jii comoon

I thought I'd just blog some random crap because I'm bored. I'm at work and waiting for the CS department's annual christmas dinner to start. Unfortunately I wasn't on the mailing list for the staff when the invitation for the christmas dinner was sent out so I am not exactly sure when this whole thing starts. I thought it was supposed to start at 5 pm first but the place where the dinner is going to be was totally empty so I figured it's at 6 pm instead. If there's no action there by 6 I'm going home. I'm feeling a bit tired. It's kind of a pain to be busy from 8 to 4 every weekday. I really hope the dinner is good now. I like having a traditional christmas dinner at least once a year.

In other personal boring news I am looking forward to this weekend's fight between Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton. Floyd acts so annoying in his TV appearances (even though it's probably partly intentional for hypeing his fights) but I really hope he gets knocked out. Ricky Hatton seems so cool. He gains a lot of weight between fights. So he sometimes calls himself Ricky Fatton. And he was being such a nice father to his little kid. And he seems a lot more down to earth. And he makes a cool wrah wrah noise when he hits. Oh and he could lift over 500 kgs on the benchpress at the gym. Cool! Go ricky, go ricky!

I have for quite a while now been fascinated by atheism and religion and I think it still baffles me at least once every day how people can ignore all the very heavy arguments against god's existence (without which most religions would be meaningless) and somehow make religion seem probable and sensible. One of the long list of things that has been bothering me is how people can imagine that a being (if we can call "it" that) could be so powerful as to create the whole universe, yet care what people name toys, what people eat, what people wear and so on.

Hmm, so here are some of the things I've been thinking about lately. And I just managed to waste 15 minutes. Almost time to go check if the christmas dinner starts soon. Merry christmas, ho ho ho!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Heroes season 1 episode 1

Haven't written anything boring in a while. It's about time.

I just watched the first episode of Heroes. I had been reluctant to watch it because I feel the state of american TV shows is such a mess in general. Mostly because of Lost. The formula is simple: make a successful pilot, then make a whole season where you keep on promising that the next show is going to be the most interesting show ever. Then if you managed to keep the viewers' interest this long you'll get to make another reason. Now repeat this until viewers get tired so you have to come up with some really lame way to end it. I think that's why I prefer the TV shows that are more like soap operas in disguise, like Oz, Sopranos or Shield.

Anyway, I already feel like Heroes might be a bit over-rated. It has colorful "foreign people", and lots of seemingly forced drama (like Lost) and it pretends that there's some great overlying story that's gonna tie it all together. It's obviously a character-based show. I don't mind a show with strong characters. But if that's all it's got it's not quite enough. I want nice attention to detail or "smart writing". In this case the producers had somehow managed to let a Korean guy play a Japanese and his Japanese was a bit crap. I found some discussion on imdb about where other people were annoyed by it as well and some other morons were annoyed at the people who were annoyed. They were missing the point. The people who complained were not trying to put him down for not being able to learn perfect Japanese. If it was him learning Japanese in his free time and not being able to master it perfectly it wouldn't matter. But now he's playing a Japanese guy on a huge TV show. It's like if they had put a guy with a french accent to play a german. People would be laughing their asses off.

Well this was a more than long enough whine.
Good night everyone!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Interesting boxing matches

Hello again, time for another little blog post.
I started fitness boxing earlier this year. I wanted to get in shape, was a bit influenced by Hajime no Ippo and thought that boxing seemed like a more interesting and more balanced workout than just jogging and going to the gym. At first I only trained 2 times a week. But then I started training at another club too and now I'm training 6 times a week. Yesterday I first had a 1h 15 min training after which i ran 10 km in less than an hour. I felt like Rocky Balboa.

Well since I started doing fitness boxing I've gotten a bit interested in watching professional boxing too. Right now I'm looking forward to 3 boxing matches. The first one is coming up pretty soon:
Floyd Mayweather vs Oscar De La Hoya the 5th of May. I've watched a few of Mayweather's fights and he has super handspeed. I haven't seen any De La Hoya matches but I hear he's really good. Mayweather is undefeated and De La Hoya has lost 4 of his last 11 fights I think. At first I thought De La Hoya wasn't going to have a chance, but he's a bit taller and stronger I think and I heard his recent losses were slightly controversial or something. So it seems it could be interesting. There's also a 4 episode TV-show called something like "Mayweather - De La Hoya 24/7" that you can find the first two episodes of on youtube. It shows both fighters training and stuff like that to get you excited for the fight. Mayweather really manages to come across as very annoying during some press conferences so it would be fun to see him to get knocked out.

The next one is Finland's best boxer Amin Asikainen's title defense against Sebastian Sylvester. I think Amin is training in Teneriffa right now or something. I hope he wins and retains his lossfree record as well as his eu or european title (can't remember which one it is).
Then on the 7th of July Vladimir Klitschko is having a fight against some guy he lost to some time ago. I've seen a few of his matches and he's really good. Could be interesting to see if this guy can put up more of a fight than his last opponent.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Dota sucks

Hello and welcome to my blog. I will write about lots of different stuff here. Probably a lot of nerdy stuff.

Today I played Dota for the fiftyninehundredth time and it felt really boring. The game is all about farming some dumb creeps in a forest so you can become imba. Some heroes have an easier time becoming imba than others. Some of them for example can get really mad attack speed and damage and can almost kill you before you notice the other player is shooting at you and before the game responds to your actions with all the lag. There's also not really any incentive to attack your opponent as quickly as possible. Most games last about an hour. Which is a bit too long. I think I should start playing some of my PS2 games instead.