Friday, January 18, 2008


Recently I went to visit the Helsinki University of Technology to talk about some stuff related to my work. It really isn't interesting enough to blog about. But before I went back to Turku I took some time to do some quick shopping in the center of Helsinki. I went to Tokyokan and spent about 60 euros and walked away with two medium-sized grocery bags full of japanese food items. I bought mostly noodles but also finally found the sesame seed salad dressing that I haven't eaten a single time since I was in Japan a very long time ago. Today I cooked up a yakiudon dish. It's incredibly easy to make but so good. You basically stirfry some vegetables and meat if you like, then you add the noodles and the sauce that the package contains. The noodles aren't dry and crappy like the instant ones you can buy in just about any shop here. You also don't have to boil them in water, just put them in the frying pan and add a small amount of water. I think maybe it's the sauce that makes the dish so good. If you don't have pre-made sauce you can make your own. I've gotten the best results so far by mixing a bit of soy sauce, some sugar and a bit of worcestershire sauce.

The picture you see above is the result of my godlike cooking skills. What you can also see is the DVD box of season 2 of the Ultimate Fighter that I got today from Amazon. I'm watching it right now and drinking a beer out of one of those new style plastic bottles that Finland is apparently switching to. I guess we'll see a lot of less broken glass all over the sidewalks after the weekends from now on. Smar decision.

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