Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ok, finally the world's crappiest TV show Lost has begun again. For your "pleasure" I will liveblog my experiences of these two new episodes and how much they will suck.


- The mysterious asian is recording his mysterious videos and some cryptic stuff happens. Time manipulation with limitless energy... hooray for crappy sci-fi plots.

- Let's see how long it takes for Jack to become emotional or shout at somebody to create some forced drama

- Some agents show up at Kate's house to find out if she is the mommy of her baby and then the people on the island are gonna get in trouble somehow... I don't remember if they explained why somebody was gonna give a shit about who is on "the Island"

- Sawyer did something useful while walking around looking all manly. He bitchslapped the asian-looking physicist into giving some answers. Let's see if he tells anything useful... The island has "spun off time" or something...

- Ok so some of the Lost people have now sided with the ever annoying Ben Linus and Sun wants to kill him for some reason

- A decent action scene with Said owning some random guys in his appartment while Hurley eats a hamburger

- The physicist guy explains that time is a string or something and that if you go back in time everything that happened will happen again or something... O_O I didn't really pick up what they were trying to stop and didn't bother rewinding to find out

- All kinds of characters that I hardly remember what they did from the earlier seasons show up briefly

- A guy called Richard tells Locke that he has to die and every must go back to the island for the island to be saved. To be saved from what? I have no idea. Why should Locke have to sacrifice himself for the damn island?

- There's a lot of random time travelling happening so you understand even less what's going on

- Aha, I think some boat exploded and that's what they're trying to prevent. Some faint memories from the last seasons start coming back

Closing comments: typical Lost episode. Many different characters. Lots of stuff happening, yet nothing is really happening. I can think of tens of old mysteries that they seem to have stopped caring about explaining. Lost still sucks.

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