Monday, January 21, 2008

Taste of Japan part II

I cooked up some more Japanese food today. Two very simple things here that were just godlike. The egg thingies on the left are a sweet omelet roll thing called tamagoyaki, the little soy cup in the middle is for dipping the tamagoyaki. It was just sooo good. The recipe is simple: you need at least a few eggs and a tablespoon or two of sugar. If you are a pro you can put in a bit of dashi and soy or mirin or whatever as Yasuko of Yasukon Keittio told me. I followed this really awesome youtube video for the cooking technique. It has a really cool electronic song that plays in the background that I was listening to many times while making the tamagoyaki. Strangely about 8/10 youtube commenters seemed to hate the song. Well that is just more proof that the only people commenting on youtube are 'tards. Anyway as you'll see in the video the tricky part is the cooking technique where you have to re-oil the pan and roll the omelet up a few times. You should also ideally have a special frying pan like this.

The other thing that was really awesome was the sesame seed salad dressing I put on the salad. I haven't tasted that in like 4 years. It was just as good as I remembered it. The blue soup plate just contains some simple tanki udon, they're the same thick tapeworm-y noodles that I made a stirfry variation of in my earlier blog post.

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Cucumber906 said...

WOW LOOKS GR8 MAN! music wuz OK but kinda ghey, i got pissed off at dat ITS JUST A GROOVE lady or wut da hell she was singing. Liek 1000 times WTF?? I'd just tell her to chill lol. No biggie tho, just liek in dota u can change hero -swaphero or -repick u can turn j00t00b sound off and put ur owen music on FTW. I listen 2 Ladeetr0n now but i turned off teh j00t00b-vid cuz it wuznt rly dat intrasting. WELL hope u make moar guud fuud, i now go surf intrawebz c u.